SEO Tips

Link Building - how to build your reputation

How your web page ranks for a particular search depends mainly on two factors: the relevance of the page content to the search topic, and the quality and quantity of its links from other web pages. Page Rank comes from links, and without a good network of incoming links it is impossible to rank well for all but the most unusual of searches.

  1. A good way to start building links is to submit your site to reputable online directories. TheĀ free online directories listed on this site are all of good quality, and links from them will be recognised by the major search engines.
  2. Arrange reciprocal links with as many good quality and relevant sites as you can, whilst avoiding 'link farms' that have low page rank and offer little value. To find out what links you have already, type '' into Yahoo! You can do the same for your most successful competitors, to find out where their links come from.
  3. Whenever you have anything newsworthy to announce, make sure you publish it to some of the online PR sites listed here.