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Keyword Research - how to choose your keywords

Before you start optimising your site, it's important to check which relevant key phrases are most used in search. Don't make untested assumptions, or you could end up investing a lot time and effort in optimising for phrases that deliver little traffic to your site.

To help identify the most popular phrases, you can use Google's free Keyword Tool:

Type a few relevant keywords into the search box, and the tool will show you the most popular related search phrases, and roughly how many searches they each attracted in the last month:

Google Keyword Tool

The most popular phrases will also attract the most competition, and be the hardest to optimise for successfully. So check against Google's search results to see how many pages each phrase returns. Look for the ones that have a reasonable amount of traffic but not too much competition, and make those your first priorities for optimisation:

Google search results

For more detailed information subscribe to Wordtracker, which can provide more comprehensive keyword suggestions, data from multiple search engines, and statistical indicators of the best prospects for successful optimisation.