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The meta keywords tag has always been popular with web site owners, and even more popular with spammers, because it provides a way of stuffing a page invisibly with keywords without affecting the appearance of the page. However it’s been many years since search engines took much notice of this tag, exactly because it is so easy to fill it with spam. Until recently, it was widely thought to be a waste of time. Now it seems, using it might actually damage your search rankings.

It has been known for some time in the industry that Google ignores the meta keywords tag, and last year their spokesman Matt Cutts admitted as much in this video.

More recently, however, Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land prised an even more important piece of information out of Bing. Apparently Microsoft’s search engine (which now also powers searches in Yahoo!) does still follow the meta keywords tag, but uses it mainly as a signal to identify spam. You can read his full explanation here.

In other words, using the tag well does you no good. Using it badly can do you harm.

Following this revelation, the best usageĀ advice for the meta keywords tag is surely, don’t bother.

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