Posted on Thursday, 8th September 2011 by bruce

Earlier this year I took the plunge and dumped my Nokia N96 mobile in favour of a shiny new Android smartphone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

The fabulously bright and responsive multi-touch screen was an instant hit, along with the intuitive Android interface, which makes Nokia’s old Symbian job resemble the Hampton Court maze. I love all the apps and I’ve installed dozens, though it’s questionable how many I will ever actually use. I love the HD video capability, and the email and social media integration.

After a few weeks use, though, there are a some things that have begun to grate. None of them are rocket science, in fact there’s nothing here that I didn’t have in my old phone. And that’s the bit that’s really annoying.

So here from the school of smartphone knocks is my personal Android wishlist. Do any of these ring bells with you? Or does your phone offer these already? If so, please do tell me what it is…

  1. When I sync a playlist, I want a copy of the actual playlist on the phone, not just all the songs. Without having to use the appalling mess that is iTunes. Basically, I want it to work like my old Nokia.
  2. I don’t expect a camera with optical zoom and I’m not fussed about the number of megapixels. But I would like a decent close-up option, and a good quality lens – something like the cracking little number I had in my N96.
  3. Since I sometimes travel where there is no electricity, I would rather like a battery that can last more than a day of average use. So a battery life comparable with, say..  my old Nokia?
  4. I want a PC sync application that syncs my personal data and media automatically and reliably, whenever I connect. Not Sony’s botched hack of three different applications, no more than two of which work in any given sync event. In other words, like – yup, you guessed it…
  5. I would like a GPS application that stores the map data in the phone, so that I’m not burning up my bandwidth allowance whenever I use it. I had something like once. Oh yes, I remember. Ovi Maps, in my Nokia.
  6. I would like Tweetdeck to stop crashing. Not having Tweetdeck is a bit like… well OK, it’s horribly like the old Finnish relic.

In spite of all that, I would still hate to go back to a Nokia. Unless it had Android, which isn’t going to happen. So I guess I will have to wait for a phone that delivers Android’s ease of use and versatility, with the quality and reliability of my faithful old workhorse.

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