Posted on Saturday, 30th July 2011 by bruce

Actinic’s ecommerce products have always produced sites that tend to perform well on search engines, but the forthcoming version 11 will have a few tweaks that help to keep the product in step with SEO best practice:

  1. New sites will use hyphens instead of underscores as the word separator in page names, as recommended by Google. Existing sites may be switched through the UI to use the same convention
  2. The default page Title tags have been improved, with the company name no longer appearing in the Title of every page by default
  3. You will be able to modify the Title tag of the Online Catalogue page
  4. In the new themes, of which there are three, the size of the style sheet has been greatly reduced, improving load time of the first loaded page (page load time is now a ranking factor on Google)
  5. By default, copied pages will be given more concise, consecutively-numbered page names

Expect to see version 11, with these Actinic SEO tweaks and some major new features, some time in the Autumn of 2011.

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