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Mobile search is growing fast at the moment. For example, Yelp announced in February this year that 35% of searches on are now made from mobile apps ( So it’s increasingly important for businesses to rank well in both mobile search, and locality-based searches on PCs (whose results generally come from the same database).

So here are some tips for getting your business to rank well in this type of search.

  1. Register your business with all the major local search and geosocial networking sites, ie: Google Maps: Results can appear in Google web search results, as well as in Google Local and in searches on Android devices. In the UK, almost 90% of searches go through Google.

    Bing Local: Bing is the default search engine for Internet Explorer and Windows phone, and its results appear on Yahoo! as well.

    Ovi Maps: Mobile search and GPS application supplied with Nokia smartphones.

    Foursquare: Foursquare is the current leader in geosocial networking.

    Facebook Places: Facebook’s response to Foursquare’s success. Facebooks has massive user base of over 400 million.

  2. Use a couple of your most important keywords in the business name when you register, eg ‘Gino’s Pizza Delivery’, not just ‘Gino’s’. Keep it short, though.
  3. If your business has more than one location, register all of them separately. It may be worth using slightly different keywords in the name of each one, to maximise exposure in web search results.
  4. Enter your full address, including the county or administrative area people do search on those.
  5. Use more keywords in the description of your business. Make it meaningful and compelling though, not just a keyword list.
  6. If the site accepts reviews, ask a few friendly customers to write some. Consider incentivising them to do so, perhaps offering a discount voucher to each reviewer. Good reviews attract business.

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