Posted on Sunday, 23rd January 2011 by bruce

So you’re keen to get your website into the top spot on Google. Maybe you’ve even found a company that will guarantee to get you there. But hold your horses just one moment. ‘All that glisters is not gold’. That number one rank they are offering you may turn out to be worthless.

For example, I can almost guarantee that this page will take the top spot for “martian spotted bananas” quite soon after its published. It won’t be hard because there’s no competition. Martian spotted bananas don’t exist, and nobody else is writing about them.

For the same reason, nobody is searching for martian spotted bananas, either. So the top rank that I’m hoping for will in reality be of no benefit at all. There is no site traffic to be gained.

Obviously this is an exaggerated example, but the general principle applies. There is no value in ranking for a phrase that few people, if any, are searching for, not matter how relevant it seems.

So before you invest in optimising your site, take the time to find out which are the popular phrases in searches relevant to you. You can do this either by using Google’s free Keyword Tool,, or by using a commercial keyword analysis system like Wordtracker.

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