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If you are investing time and effort in search engine optimisation, or investing money in outsourcing it, you need to be able to monitor the results. What are your current rankings for the key words and phrases you are targetting? What were they last month? Are you trending up, or down?

Checking this manually search by search would be very time consuming, but fortunately there are some tools available that will automate the task for you.

WebPosition ( is the daddy of all the rank checkers. Recently transitioned from a software package to an online system, it starts from a reasonable $19 per month for up to 10 reports and 5 domains, and provides a highly comprehensive keyword reporting tool covering multiple search engines. If you outgrow the basic package, though, the price rises significantly, and over time the cost can mount up.

For those on a tight budget and less demanding requirements, Free Monitor for Google from Cleverstat ( is a neat little package that provides Google ranking reports for unlimited keywords and domains, including changes since the last report. Results are easily copied into Excel, so you can monitor trends over time and add graphs. The output provides more than enough information for the majority of smaller businesses.

Free Monitor for Google

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