Bruce Townsend SEO

About Me

As an online marketing professional I gained over 5 years experience in all forms of internet marketing, specialising particularly in search marketing. As Marketing Manager for ecommerce provider Actinic I was responsible for successfully optimising two high-profile sites, and, both of which achieved top 3 positions on Google for the majority of their target phrases.

I wrote and co-presented a regular course in 'Search Engines and Online Marketing' that ran for two years and was attended by over 200 delegates. Everyone who attended said that they would recommend the course to others.

I also co-authored the popular book ‘Selling Successfully Online’ which was described by The Times Online as 'An excellent book'

Over the years I have provided search engine optimisation advice for numerous smaller online businesses.

As Marketing Manager and subsequently as Ecommerce Product Manager I have also been responsible for advising on the SEO elements of Actinic's ecommerce site generation software, which is renowned for generating search-engine friendly web sites.